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2015 Red Quarter (09/08/2015-10/26/2015)

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RED QUARTER (09/08-10/26) Portraits Acceptance of who you are Highlights • No class: 09/07, 10/09 MAKE UP: 10/26, 10/27  Day camps available for no school days. • 2015-2016 OPEN HOUSE: 09/05 Saturday 1pm-4pm BRING FRIENDS !!!  • Brand new parent child toddler classes for children 2+  for children to engage in hands on art activities that provide a context for learning Chinese and English !!! • Opportunity on Wednesday and Saturday to join the first year Chinese Heritage class !!! • Let us know if there is a time slot… Read More

2015 Green Quarter (3/14/2015-5/09/2015)

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GREEN QUARTER (03/14-05/09) Landmarks An artistic reflection of history,culture and innovation Highlights • No studio classes during spring break: 04/04-04/11 • Spring break CAMP (04/06-04/10) submit camp request • New classes are offered upon parent request when 4+ students signs up • Chen lao shi has returned to the classroom to teach • School/bus stop PICK UP available on Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri (limited to 6 students max) • Art and Chinese classes are 55min, please have your child picked up on time • Visit us today for a FREE TRIAL or contact us for details… Read More

2014 Blue Quarter (05/05-06/21)

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BLUE QUARTER (05/05-06/21) Classical Art Depicting realism and capturing light Highlights • NO CLASSES during mid-spring break week of 02/17-02/22 • Week-long camp hours extended till 5pm + camp prices reduced 20% or more • mid-spring break CAMP (02/17-02/22) submit camp request  • CHINESE H1 new time slots on Thursday @ 5:00pm • BABY,CHINESE K, ART K  offered during new day and time • Art classes are now 55min   • Chinese classes are now 55min • Visit us today for a FREE TRIAL or contact us for details ART This quarter we… Read More

2014 Green Quarter (03/10-05/03)

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GREEN QUARTER (03/10-05/03) World Art Explore various art styles, colors and cultural elements Highlights NO CLASSES during mid-spring break week of 04/07-04/11 Spring break CAMP (04/17-04/11) submit camp request  Camp hours extended till 5pm Visit us today for a FREE TRIAL or contact us for details ART This quarter we are learning about arts from around the world.  We will travel around the world to discover unique art styles, color, and culture.  We will learn an array of art styles, from simple Chinese watercolors to dense aborigine… Read More