About Us

PANDA CLASS was founded in July of 2010 to meet the needs for people of all ages to learn how to freely express their thoughts. emotions and individuality.  Our former studio space in Bellevue hosted over 500+ local students and families.  In the past we mainly focused on art and Mandarin classes for non-native families.  Since moving to our Newcastle school house, we now have the capacity for local working families in need of before and after school care and camps.  Our facility is within walking distance to Hazelwood Elementary, with a private viewed lot and spacious play yard.    We will continue to offer weekly language, art and preschool classes to families of all ages. 


As an educator, I have been working with children (K-8th) for over 23 years in various programs and schools.  I enjoyed working at the Sponge language school, Bush school, Saint Thomas, Open Window, YMCA, and Gymboree.  I am a children’s art instructor as well as a native Chinese language instructor.  Our art curriculum is about creative explorations using various mediums and techniques. I have been teaching art to children for over two decade and have a background in architecture.  I became introduced to Mandarin teaching through working for Sponge as their lead Mandarin teacher.  Over the years, I have developed a building block curriculum for non-native families wishing to learn Mandarin speaking.  And in recent years, we developed a brand new curriculum that combines art (oracle script) and Chinese (traditional/simplified) to enable young students to read and write at the age of 4.  I am a strong advocate of early learning which extends to a lifetime of wealth. 

In 2011, my husband and I co-founded PANDA CLASS and its been such a wonderful journey growing and learning with the students.  Our goal is for our center to become a place where children can develop individual thinking and creative learning abilities.  Learn the power of self expression through the use of oral and visual outlets.